About me

When and how was Lessentia born?

My name is Patricia, I am the creator of Lessentia, at my 35 years old, in 2015, I started this wonderful beauty and wellness business. With an organic and vegan philosophy, we opened the first space, in Balmes street, in Barcelona, combining natural therapies with organic and vegan beauty treatments.

My personal experience in terms of personal growth, natural therapies such as Reiki, acupuncture and holistic massages such as Ayurveda or Kobido, had a lot to do in the decision to incorporate them into my work project, and joining this more inner part with beauty, was a great success.

Beauty is a reflection of the particular essence of each one of us and our inner well-being. So taking care of oneself emotionally and physically is essential. And finding a place, like Lessentia where both are taken into account, is a great success.

In 2019, we will open a second establishment in Av. Diagonal in Barcelona and we continue with the same enthusiasm with which we started, to offer quality care, which contribute to highlight the best version of each of our customers.

Why only organic products?

We all know the importance of eating healthy, of practicing habits that favor us and bring us benefits throughout our lives. Without a doubt, it is increasingly recognized that the skin needs to be cared for in the same way with products that are as natural as possible and non-invasive treatments.

Lessentia trusts fully in the principles of nature, in the importance of personalizing treatments for each of the people who visit us, in the manual work that our team performs and that benefits us mentally, physically and emotionally.

Our philosophy is very focused on the care of our clients, the search for their best version, from a respectful point of view, beautifying and taking care of their skin, without rushing, accepting our particular essence.

Evolution and gratitude

We continue with the desire to expand Lessentia, and that many more people benefit from the therapies, massages and treatments that we have created with so much care.

We thank all our clients who recommend us and continue to trust us. We will continue to improve day by day to offer you the best attention and care.

And thank you very much to the team that has been and is part of Lessentia, without all of them, nothing would be the same.

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