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Discover Lessentia: the soul of organic and vegan beauty and wellness

At Lessentia we fuse the best of nature with beauty. Our cosmetics, essential oils, vegetable and organic and vegan creams, carefully chosen for their sustainability and respect for the skin and the planet.

Each formula we offer is a commitment to quality and transparency, free of harmful chemicals, focused on a conscious beauty that brings an authentic and unique wellness experience.

Opinions of our clients

"Divine 💜. We came on the recommendation of my sister. Their staff is incredible and the experience even better. Thank you for being super kind and professional."


Monica Hernandez

"I went to the Champi massage (head massage) and I definitely recommend it. It is extremely relaxing, the staff is very friendly and the massage room has an intimate atmosphere that relaxes you. I definitely recommend it!"

Extremely relaxing!


"This service is extraordinary, it gives you peace of mind, confidence in an environment full of harmony and Maria makes you feel that at that moment there is nothing in the world that matters more to her than You."

Complete harmony!


"Super happy with my first experience here. I had a facial and a head massage and I was delighted. The girl who did the treatment was very patient and dedicated, and took the time to do the job well, without rushing. The products they use are of very good quality and despite having very sensitive skin, I have not had any reaction. My face was bright, clean, and healthy. The space is clean and well maintained, and the covid measures are respected. Very, very happy. I will repeat soon!"

Super happy!

Bilja D

"I went for a relaxing massage and it was brutal!!! Kim treated me and she was very kind. I never usually fall asleep during a massage, first because I want to enjoy it and because it seems disrespectful to the professional, but I have relaxed so much that on some occasions I fell asleep. I recommend it without a doubt! "A very nice place and tastefully decorated."


Maria Guerrero

"I had a facial treatment with Silvia and it was wonderful. Silvia has magical hands and the treatment is a luxury for the senses. Facial hygiene, Kobido massage...I came away with a good face that everyone has told me about, even part super clean and hydrated skin. I highly recommend it!! The place is a beauty inspired by Africa. I will repeat soon!! Thank you!!♥️"

I highly recommend it!

Anna Soler


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Organic purity and vegan commitment in every product

The cosmetics we use in our treatments and massages are organic and vegan, committed to respecting nature and animals,
we take care of the skin, always preserving the naturalness and essence of each person.

Lessentia is a space of beauty and wellness with SLOW beauty & WELL BEING philosophy.

One of our premises is to take care of your skin, without rushing, respecting our particular nature.

We are what we eat and what we give to our skin.

At this moment, after several years in the beauty sector, I have experienced in myself and seen in many clients, how organic cosmetics is perfect to provide all skin types, the needs they have at each age.
One of the main needs is to preserve water, to stay hydrated and thus to shine from the inside.
With a good habit of cleansing and moisturizing, the aging process of the skin is slowed down and we manage to maintain for longer, a juicy and full of life skin.

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