INDIBA Radiofrequency 

With the new patented PROIONIC SYSTEM.  INDIBA DEEP BEAUTY of new generation, guarantees visible results from the first session.

It is the facial and body solution for the tissue at the cellular level to recover its vital functions. It regenerates, revitalizes, rejuvenates, reduces fatty tissues, reshapes the body, moisturizes and tones it from the innermost layers inwards.

Facial Treatment (INDIBA)

A partir de 40,00 

Eye bags · Double chin · Neck and Décolleté Radiofrequency session to firm, provide elasticity...

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Body Treatment (INDIBA)


Legs · Glutes · Abdomen and flanks Radiofrequency session to tone, drain and moisturize in...

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Detox Body Massage (INDIBA)


A massage of 1 hour and a half with the additional application of indiba that...

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