Sensorial experiences

At Lessentia®, our Rituals go beyond simple beauty treatments. They are sensory experiences that take you to a world of relaxation and personal care, where your senses connect with the serenity and pleasure of being cared for. Here, your well-being and your being are the most important thing.

We have transformed beauty and wellness into a unique experience according to your needs. Together, we will choose the perfect option. Each Ritual is unique, exfoliation, body wrap, organic and vegan products and specific massage that transports you, each one of them with something special. Something that will help you release endorphins and take you to a state of deep relaxation.

All rituals are customizable, in your visit to the center you can discuss your needs and choose one or the other.

At Lessentia®, we invite you to immerse yourself in a mystical world of care and wellness, where your being and your skin are essential.

Lessentia Special Ritual


The Ritual created for each of our centers in particular, In Balmes an experience of...

Wellness Ritual


A luxury for the senses, the Ritual consists of a complete cleansing treatment and kobido...

Detox Body Ritual


Anti-cellulite treatment of abdomen, legs and buttocks. We start with dry brush to remove dead...

Tranquility Ritual


This Ritual will bring your mind and body to a sea of peace. We will...

Body Firming Ritual


This Ritual consists of a complete body treatment with exfoliation, wrap plus a wood therapy...

Ayurvedic Ritual


The ayurvedic ritual is a customizable ritual, depending on the state in which you feel,...

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