Facial and body massages

At Lessentia Barcelona, you will discover a selection of the best massages that will give you a total disconnection and a moment of relaxation in an environment of luxury and sophistication. Our team of highly qualified specialists will ensure you a unique and memorable experience, completely tailored to your personal needs.

Explore our extensive range of massages and rituals here. We invite you to visit Lessentia Barcelona, a unique wellness oasis in the city.


45,00  – 30 min.

It is a complete cranial massage, you can use or not vegetable and essential oils...


50,00  – 45 min.

Kobido massage, is a traditional massage that comes from Japan, where it was used to...

Jade Stones (Guasha)

50,00  – 45 min.

Toning and rehabilitating facial massage, lifting and unblocking maneuvers. To stimulate the reaffirmation and elasticity...

Cranial and feet

50,00  – 45 min.

It is the perfect massage for lovers of head and foot massages. It relaxes, stimulates...

Facial / Cranial and cervical

50,00  – 45 min.

This massage located in the highest area of the body, aims to unblock the tensions...

Coconut Stretching

65,00  – 50 min.

Massage using pressure techniques with coconut and coconut oil, stretching of muscles and mobilization of...

Special Lessentia

A partir de 40,00 

This traditional relaxing massage, combines manipulations with palms and forearms, but also takes into account...


70,00  – 60 min.

The ayurvedic massage is a personalized massage with our essential oils, the person according to...

Hot Stones

65,00  – 60 min.

This is one of the relaxing massage par excellence, the volcanic stones that come into...

Special for Pregnant Women

70,00  – 60 min.

This massage is ideal for the time of the woman who expects to be a...

4 hands

130,00  – 60 min.

This massage is very peculiar because it is done with two professionals, so it is...


A partir de 50,00 

The Decontracturante massage, back or legs, manages to deflate the treated area, and eliminate contractures...

Wood Therapy

A partir de 50,00 

The Maderoterapia, is one of the massages that attracts more people, for the fast results...


65,00  – 50 min.

Localized massage on legs, buttocks, abdomen, ideal for localized fat, and all types of cellulite....

Lymphatic Drainage

A partir de 50,00 

Lymphatic drainage is a therapeutic massage, several sessions are necessary to solve circulation problems or...

Abdomen Detox Massage

45,00  – 30 min.

This massage is ideal for people who have fluid accumulation in the abdomen area, swelling,...

Foot Reflexology

45,00  – 40 min.

Through acupressure on the feet, we work the systems and organs of the human body,...

Detox Body Massage with INDIBA 1 hour

120,00  – 60 min.

This massage improves circulation and drainage of the body. It helps in the elimination of...

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