Facial treatments

In Lessentia there are two types of facial hygiene, both organic and vegan, but depending on the needs of the skin and the time elapsed since the last time a hygiene was performed we will opt better for one or the other.

Our recommendation is to start always when you want to improve the condition of the facial skin, by a hygiene. Then we will continue with specific treatments or with a special treatment such as Indiba radiofrequency or an Elixir Repair treatment, whenever we see that the skin also needs to add a plus or because it has been attacked by abrasive treatments, such as facial laser, a roacutan treatment or also if it has been very exposed to the sun.

We will advise you on the most appropriate hygiene or treatment for each particular case of each skin.

Flash Beauty Express Indiba


Clean and hydrated face and improve smoothness and firmness with the express cleansing protocol and...

Express Facial Cleansing


Cleansing the face and restoring hydration when time is short is possible with this express...

Complete Facial Hygiene


It is the complete facial hygiene with exfoliation, extraction with paddle and steam, facial massage...

Detox Facial Hygiene


Complete facial hygiene with active carbon mask, to eliminate toxins in skins that have open...

Complete Facial Hygiene with INDIBA


Combination of two great treatments, the complete facial hygiene and Indiba radiofrequency.  Both are perfect...

Specific Facial Treatment


Personalized treatment to complement facial cleansing. This treatment treats in depth, sensitive, acneic, or mature...

Repairing Facial Treatment


Complete facial treatment to regenerate facial skin, ideal for times of dryness, high sun exposure,...

Eye Contour Facial Treatment


Improves circulation, draining the area to eliminate puffiness and dark circles. And moisturizes the sensitive...

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